Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

FAST Sell CHEAP House IDR 650 Million

[Jl. Aster blok AG nomor 2 Wisma Tropodo WARU]

Two Floor House for sale CHEAP FAST without broker
Ownership Certificate (SHM)
Dimension: 11 x 14 meter
Four Bedrooms (One room in 1st floor & three rooms in 2nd floor)
  Two Bathrooms (One room in 1st floor & One room in 2nd floor
<include bathtube>)
Two Parks (in front & inside the house)
One Wooden Garage doors
One Car Pot (include Canopy)
One Kitchen (include half kitchen set)
One Drying clothes (2nd floor)
Electricity (PLN) 1300 watts
Water (PDAM) (include water tank)
Telephone (PSTN) (pararel with 1st & 2nd floor)
Flood-free (since first built)

One 0,5 PK AC in
Bedroom 2nd floor
One Water Heater in Bathroom 2nd floor

Bank Aprraisal Price IDR 750 million
Contact Person: Mrs. Feni

XL = 0817-0345-0777 (GSM)
Simpati = 0812-5418-2777 (GSM)
Flexi = (031) 7766-3777 (CDMA)
Blackberry Pin: 25DDDFA3

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